Wedding Budget & Vendors

This may be sort of taboo, so if you'd prefer to not know the ins and outs of the wedding budget, please stop reading this section of the blog. :)

For those who are curious, the wedding was for roughly 100 people within the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Krippendorf Lodge: $1250
     $300 deposit paid

Elegant Fare Catering: $6100 or $6200 (including gratuity)
Officiant: $100 (included gratuity)

Photography--Nathan Peel of Fyrefly Photography--$3200 (including gratuity)  

Dress (David's Bridal): $480 (paid)
Floofy skirt (David's Bridal): $26
     shared the original cost with Kerry, who will also wear the crinoline.

Alterations: $65 (including gratuity)

Flowers: $221
    (Kroger and the Sorrell backyard)

Cake (BonBonerie): $430 for 100 servings
      $50 deposit paid (will get this back after returning serving tray)
      $430 paid

Rehearsal Dinner: $0
  Thank you to my now in-laws!

Envelopes/Paper: $90 (paid)

Makeup-Hair (for myself, my momma, and 3 bridesmaids): $291 (included gratuity for myself)

DJ: $450 (included gratuity)

Postage: $176 (not sure what I based this on anymore)

Favors: $140ish
$79.79 caramel
$9 Heath bars
$45 Apples
$10 Popsicle sticks, Bags, Ribbon

Guest Book
Artwork--paid $25
Framing--$298.00 (to be paid after wedding)

Total: $13,342