Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This weekend kicked off Saturday with Brad making me a delicious breakfast of grits, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns.  He doesn't cook for me often, but I so appreciate it when he does.  He let me have a lazy kind of morning, complete with watching House and fretting about wedding-related activities.  After a bit, we headed out to run some errands.  We went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby, where Brad waited in the car.  We went to Men's Wearhouse, where Brad picked up some new shoes, socks, and shoe trees.  Since he bought all the guys' suits here, on his credit card, he had $150 in rewards and spent about $20 for all his new purchases.  Not too bad!  We also stopped by the mall so I could pick out a gift for my dad.  While there, I noticed that the Gap was running 50% off all women's clothes and Brad let. me. shop.  Now, for those that we don't know in real life, this is a huge deal.  Brad is the saver and I am the spender of the relationship.  I took this as a sign that the weekend and short bit of time left until the wedding would be wonderful.  :)

Saturday night found us at a wedding for Tracy, a girl I went to grad school with and work with currently.  She and her now-husband got engaged a week or two after Brad and I did and we have been thrilled to have someone to talk weddings with. 

Isn't she a beautiful bride?

Delicous candy buffet.  Brad was a huge fan of the gummies.

This isn't the highest quality photo, I know.  I took it hurriedly
with my iphone as I was trying to enjoy the wedding.

Their gorgeous (and delicious!) cake. 

On Sunday, Brad and I woke up early to go to church with his grandma.  She lives two hours away from us, so it was an all-day affair.  We went to church, lunch, and then she had cake and ice cream for us!  It was a sweet day and we capped it off with a visit to his parents, since I haven't seen them in weeks.  His dad wanted to show me how the flowers were doing and talk with me about some other DIY projects I have him signed up for.

Tiny church.

More flowers from Brad's parents' flower garden. 
I am thrilled that we'll have home-grown flowers at the wedding.

Kids, we are at 17 days until the wedding.  I finalized cake yesterday and picked up our guest book.  I finalize flowers on Wednesday (for the bouquets).  The to-do list is seeing some progress, but I will be so happy when Brad and I can just sit at home, as husband and wife, and watch TV.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Engagement Photos

Nathan Peel got together with Brad and I to take our engagement photos back in July.  Here are the beautiful results:


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wedding Showers Bring Crowded Living Rooms

Over the summer, I had two wonderful bridal showers thrown in my honor.  The first, in July, was thrown by my best friend, with help from my bridesmaids and my momma.  We had it at my apartment and had a simple menu of yummy (mostly finger) foods.  Chicken ring and buffalo dip.  Veggies and fruit.  Cupcakes and carrot cake.  There was also a request in the invitation that each guest bring a picture of me.  This request was made so that the guests could put together scrapbook pages for me at the shower.  I have an adorable book filled with loved ones' memories of time with me.

The second shower was in August and was thrown by a mother-daughter duo from church.  This shower had a potato theme and it was carried out so beautifully.  There were Mr. Potato Heads placed around their home (I collect these guys) and guests brought me gifts along a potato theme, as well.  Brad and I received potato chips and chip clips, actual potatoes with a microwave bag to make baked potatoes, and delicious recipes.

From the August shower.  Look at the beautiful table!
Disney Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads

From the July shower. Brad and his nephew showed up with flowers and a "training dog" for me.

From the July shower. My "bouquet" for rehearsal.

From the July shower.  Check out all of the people in my living room!  It did get a little warm...

I am not one for being the center of attention, but weddings don't care about that.  I was a little uncomfortable with having a fuss over me (and Brad!) and all the gifts, but I loved being surrounded by people I love and eating way too much delicious food.  Plus, planning a wedding loses its fun real quick and a shower or two helps bring back the excitement over getting to marry someone you love dearly.  


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reveal: Invitations

Guys, I am so happy with our invitations!  To me, they are the best ever!!  Thank you to Aaron for coming up with the idea and designing/printing them all.  Thank you also to my Momma, who sewed the inner envelopes and to Brad who helped stuff envelopes and keep me on task.  Now, for the pictures:

Addressing invitations in the living room.

Piles of envelopes in the Post Office, being stamped by me.

Inner envelopes. They were hand-sewn along the sides by my momma, using an orange thread. They feature a cut-out center to allow the invite to show through.  There is also a half-circle cut-out on the back to allow for the invite to be easily pulled out.

Once pulled out of the envelope, this is what the guest is looking at.  I love the bow-tie detail.

On the back of the owls, this is what you'd see.  Isn't it fantastic?

There's a map card in the invite, too, but I didn't think you'd need to see it.  Above is the reply card, mad-lib style.  These are so fun to receive!

After sewing and stuffing envelopes, Mom posted on her facebook that, "This morning I sewed envelopes for my daughter's wedding invites. Nothing 'traditional' about them! (Turned out great, though.)."  

I hope you all love them as much as Brad and I do.  


Update on the List

Wow.  The closer we get to the wedding (45 days out!!), the more I neglect this blog.  Sorry about that, but for those who have planned weddings, I'm sure you can understand.  Let's start with an update on the list:

  • address invites

  • punch holes in invites

  • mail invites

  • cake topper

  • music

    • do/do not play list
    • ceremony music
  • card box

  • flowers

  • alter dresses

    • bridesmaid dress for Kerry's wedding
    • my wedding dress
  • centerpiece "plates"

  • jars

  • favors

    • order supplies
    • construct
  • hair trial

  • makeup trial

  • set appointments for wedding

  • engagement pictures (These are fantastic and you should head to www.nathanpeelphoto.com to check them out.)

  • guestbook

    • supplies
    • frame (Umm...frames are ridiculously expensive, like the cost of my wedding dress expensive.  Who knew?)
  • signs

    • Krippendorf
    • guestbook
    • other
  • Krippendorf layout

  • parent gifts

  • bridesmaid gifts

  • ring pillow

  • jeweler

  • bathroom basket--I have the supplies, I just need a basket.

  • finalize cake design

  • I don't want to lump too much in one post, so be sure to check back for photos of the invites, my first shower, and my shower thank yous.