Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wedding Showers Bring Crowded Living Rooms

Over the summer, I had two wonderful bridal showers thrown in my honor.  The first, in July, was thrown by my best friend, with help from my bridesmaids and my momma.  We had it at my apartment and had a simple menu of yummy (mostly finger) foods.  Chicken ring and buffalo dip.  Veggies and fruit.  Cupcakes and carrot cake.  There was also a request in the invitation that each guest bring a picture of me.  This request was made so that the guests could put together scrapbook pages for me at the shower.  I have an adorable book filled with loved ones' memories of time with me.

The second shower was in August and was thrown by a mother-daughter duo from church.  This shower had a potato theme and it was carried out so beautifully.  There were Mr. Potato Heads placed around their home (I collect these guys) and guests brought me gifts along a potato theme, as well.  Brad and I received potato chips and chip clips, actual potatoes with a microwave bag to make baked potatoes, and delicious recipes.

From the August shower.  Look at the beautiful table!
Disney Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads

From the July shower. Brad and his nephew showed up with flowers and a "training dog" for me.

From the July shower. My "bouquet" for rehearsal.

From the July shower.  Check out all of the people in my living room!  It did get a little warm...

I am not one for being the center of attention, but weddings don't care about that.  I was a little uncomfortable with having a fuss over me (and Brad!) and all the gifts, but I loved being surrounded by people I love and eating way too much delicious food.  Plus, planning a wedding loses its fun real quick and a shower or two helps bring back the excitement over getting to marry someone you love dearly.  


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