Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reveal: Invitations

Guys, I am so happy with our invitations!  To me, they are the best ever!!  Thank you to Aaron for coming up with the idea and designing/printing them all.  Thank you also to my Momma, who sewed the inner envelopes and to Brad who helped stuff envelopes and keep me on task.  Now, for the pictures:

Addressing invitations in the living room.

Piles of envelopes in the Post Office, being stamped by me.

Inner envelopes. They were hand-sewn along the sides by my momma, using an orange thread. They feature a cut-out center to allow the invite to show through.  There is also a half-circle cut-out on the back to allow for the invite to be easily pulled out.

Once pulled out of the envelope, this is what the guest is looking at.  I love the bow-tie detail.

On the back of the owls, this is what you'd see.  Isn't it fantastic?

There's a map card in the invite, too, but I didn't think you'd need to see it.  Above is the reply card, mad-lib style.  These are so fun to receive!

After sewing and stuffing envelopes, Mom posted on her facebook that, "This morning I sewed envelopes for my daughter's wedding invites. Nothing 'traditional' about them! (Turned out great, though.)."  

I hope you all love them as much as Brad and I do.  


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