Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have a husband!

We're married! 

I want to do a recap, but I don't know where to start.  I'll probably talk big picture today and throw some details up tomorrow.  Then, we can delve into honeymoon?  Let's begin.

The wedding was perfection!  I was relaxed and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day.  I laughed and smiled.  I was giddy right before walking down the aisle and my dad smiled at me.  Brad and I said our vows, slipped on some rings, and kissed.  We ate, we drank, we danced.  We smiled for pictures and drove off to the Pub.  We drank a little more and went to the hotel.  I only took off my dress because I needed to pee and didn't want Brad to help.  Looking at the hem, I noticed dirt from the woods, a (faint) footprint from my niece, and a spot from where I apparently walked through someone's spilled drink.  I had a blast in that dress and loved every inch of the filth that covered the bottom hem.

The rain stayed away, though the temperatures dipped to mid 60s in the day and mid 50s for the evening.  I brought along a jean jacket, but I never wore it.  I never felt the chill.  The day was everything I wanted it to be and I loved hearing how perfect it was from other people.  I'm glad that it was beautiful and meaningful for our guests and for us.
Holy cuteness, Batman.

She was a little bored during the ceremony.
At one point, she called out, "C'mon, c'mon.  What's next?"

Hot tamales!  From L-R: Amanda (my sister), Me, Kerry, Sam

The boys looking sharp.
L-R: Aaron, Brad (husband), John (my brother), Ross

The whole crew. 

If I could whistle, I totally would. 

I adored being a bride.

I love him so much.

This was taken with our photographer inside the cabin and us outside. 
I love how the window frames us.

For more pictures, please check out
Our wedding and our engagement pictures are both listed on his blog. 

All of the photos on here have his copyright and logo.  I pick up our DVD of
images today and I was just too excited to wait any longer to post images.

More tomorrow, including details.  We'll talk wedding this week and then we'll figure out how the transition of this blog from wedding to life will go.  Please stick around.


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