Monday, July 4, 2011

The Weekend

 This weekend we headed to Atlanta, GA for a stateside wedding celebration for Brad's cousin.  This picture was taken as we drove through TN, I think.
We stopped by Chris and Shelli's house after checking in at the hotel.  Brad was put to work setting up some tables and tents.  I got to scope out some of the details inside.   Shelli had done a fantastic job with all the details.  Pictured above is their cake topper that traveled to Italy with them.

 Brad and I went to dinner at a place called The Local Republic.  He had some grouper and I had a burger.  Sounds about right.  :)  We also enjoyed some delicious adult beverages and a cheese tray.
After all, we are nothing but classy.

 Down the street from where we had dinner was a tea store.  Aristeacrats.  Brad sampled and bought some tea to bring home.  
I'm not sure when it will end, but I'm bordering on obsession with these striped paper straws.  I want them with me at all times.

Eight-hour drives in the hot, hot heat make for tired and grumpy people who are so happy when they are home.

We had so much fun and I want to thank Chris and Shelli and congratulate them again.  We are so happy for you both and loved being down there.  Can we do this again soon?


P.S. There was a photo booth and as soon as I see pictures, I'll let you see some pictures.  Deal?

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