Monday, July 18, 2011

Less than Two Months Out...

Folks, we are entering extreme countdown mode.  I have 60 days until the wedding a TON of things to get done!  Take a look:

  • address invites
  • punch holes in invites
  • mail invites--will be mailed this morning!!!!!!
  • cake topper
  • music
    • do/do not play list
    • ceremony music
  • card box
  • flowers
  • alter dresses
    • bridesmaid dress for Kerry's wedding
    • my wedding dress
  • centerpiece "plates"
  • jars
  • favors
    • order supplies
    • construct
  • hair trial--scheduled for July 28
  • makeup trial--scheduled for July 28
  • set appointments for wedding
  • engagement pictures--scheduled for July 28
  • guestbook
    • supplies
    • frame
  • signs
    • Krippendorf
    • guestbook
    • other
  • Krippendorf layout
  • parent gifts
  • bridesmaid gifts
  • ring pillow
  • jeweler
  • bathroom basket
  • finalize cake design
Are you feeling as stressed as I am?  I also have to clean the house this week because Kerry arrives on Friday in order to throw me a shower on Sunday.  I'm so excited. Also, since invitations are going out as soon as I finish this post, I feel a huge weight off my shoulders.  Some items on the list are actually being completed by other people and I just have to cross them off the list when the time comes.  That is a great feeling.  :)

In order to keep me accountable, my goals for the week include cleaning the house, working on the ring pillow, and gathering supplies for the guestbook and bathroom basket.  Engagement pictures, trials, and setting appointments will be tops on the list for next week.  

Finally, as you'll recall from previous crazy posts, I need to figure out what I'm doing for flowers.  I saw a picture in a magazine and I really like it.  I'm hoping that I can recreate that bouquet, maybe throw in a daisy or two and be done with the flower insanity.  

Anybody up for a night of wedding planning?


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