Wednesday, January 11, 2012


When Christmas rolled around, Brad gifted me with hiking boots.  Mind you, in the two years we've been together, we've never been hiking.  We decided to remedy that this past weekend and found a 1.5 mile trail nearby.  We had fun traipsing around taking photos and videos (from many angles, so I had to be aware of which foot I led with) and trying to break in my new boots.  I'm hoping it becomes a regular weekend event for us and that we get to explore a lot of the surrounding parks.

Not sure what's going on here.  Brad looks like he smells something funny...

Part of the perks of my job include tons of catalogs of school supplies, intervention supplies, and books about disorders.  I usually pitch recycle them, but the latest came with a calendar of student artwork. Check out the first page...


I'm also dealing with a little separation anxiety this week as I dropped off my wedding dress (finally) to be cleaned and preserved.  I know I'll miss touching it everyday since I had it hanging in my bedroom closet, but I do have hopes that someone down the line will want to wear it.  I know that if my mother had a wedding dress, that I probably would have worn it.  My mom and I are eerily similar and I would have loved to have even a piece of her dress sewn into mine as my something old.

Is it weird to have a wedding dress as a security blanket?

Finally, we come to the portion of the week that I've spent messing about in the living room.  I hung up a print and a mirror, but I hated the way the mirror looked.  I went to Target and picked up some round mirrors that I thought might look better.  Ed. Note--It is so very dangerous for my budget that Target is literally two miles from my house. I played around with placement and found one that I think works.  What do you think?

Construction paper models. 
Please ignore the horrible cell phone pictures.

Final product (including a peek of me in the mirror).

I am headed to Ikea this weekend to pick up some bedroom furniture, picture frames, and enjoy time with my sister and momma, so you will have some more exciting posts next week.  On the docket will be: updated (or progress shots) bedroom, living room (almost all settled), and maybe I'll delve into my love story with Brad.

How has your year been?  Sticking to your resolutions?

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