Monday, March 12, 2012

Catch Up

I'm such a blogging slacker.  I guess this is where I tell you how busy I've been and apologize for my absence.  I am sorry and I want to be a better blogger.  It's all about finding a balance and I've been enjoying using my time these past couple of months to really settle into marriage.  This stuff is hard sometimes! Brad and I are in a really good place right now and we've really been working on communicating and acting as a team. 

Here are some photos to catch us up to current and we'll work from there. Deal?

I won a giveaway that Justine hosted for shop credit from much love, illy's etsy shop.  Please click on those links. Justine is hilarious and Illene will fill your life with adorable-ness. I persued the shop, placed my order, and in no time at all was greeted with a lovely manilla envelope.  Inside was this:
Red tissue paper packages tied up with string...

containing two of my new favorite things!

Short-haired girls can rock headbands, too.

New dress from Jason Wu collection for Target + headband=love.

 Brad really worked hard to make Valentine's a good day for me and his effort showed. We ate chocolate and watched movies all weekend! He even bought a bigger box of chocolates since he "knew [he] would eat most of them." ha!
Yummy heart of chocolates.

Pretty orange roses.

An Apple card with one of our engagement photos?
Instant points for him!

Yes, I totally ate this for lunch one day.
The chocolates look smooshed because there was no "cheat sheet"
 and so I made thumb prints in them all.

My first Coach purse. Bought for the shape/color and not the name.
Thank you, online factory sale.

An Ikea trip with a sleepy three-year-old is made better by a front-facing camera.

March brought a lot of new babies, some tornados, a funeral, and lots of time with good friends. And that was just in the first 10 days!

I read The Hunger Games trilogy in about a week and LOVED it.
I have read that there's some controversy with how Mockingjay ended, but I thought it was just as it should be. Email me if you want to start a dialogue.

My mom got an itch to play BINGO, so we rounded up
some happy meal toys and went to town.
We didn't win, but had so much fun.
I'm really thankful that a lot of Bingo halls are smoke-free now.

Here's one of the babes I was talking about.
Brad's cousins welcomed Lumen into their lives on March 1, 2012.

Lumen with Mommy.


Justine {Stop Me if You've Heard This One} said...

That dress/headband combo is SO cute! So happy to hear you love your prize -- and thanks for the shout-out :)

Brooke said...

Congrats on winning and oh my goodness I can't wait for the hunger games. I didn't like how the third book ended BUT I bet if I read it again, I would like it ha