Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Wish List

Inspired by Elizabeth's post, I sat down with Brad to compose our own summer list. Since Brad and I are both home during the day right now, we are in a unique position and I'm really enjoying this summer. I'm taking time to unplug and enjoy the sunshine. As a result, I'm really feeling at peace with myself, my marriage, and my choices. Anyway, here's our list:

1. Have a picnic. 
Brad's sister gave us a picnic basket at a wedding shower last year and I want us to get some use out of it this summer. We've got some great parks near us, as well as plans for hiking, so this should be easy to cross off.

2. Clean up the balcony.
We're in an apartment, so we can't do a whole lot, but we need to do something. Our balcony currently has table and chairs and a lot of plants. I need to clean up and arrange the plants, maybe get a small side table to set some on.  I'd also love to get an umbrella for our table, so I have started scouring sales. Our apartment in on the top floor, so our balcony has zero shade. I'd really love to have an oasis we love using.

3. Finish bedroom.
I have to finish my paintings and I'd like to hang curtains. Otherwise, it's just a matter of cleaning it up.

4. Get healthy.
This is not a specific, measurable goal and the behavioral psychologist in me is cringing. However, I don't want to go crazy with this. I just want to incorporate some healthier food choices into my diet and move more.This is a shared goal for Brad, too.

5. Try new foods.
I am a super picky eater and I would like to not be. Brad would also love it if I ate more foods. It's one of our biggest arguments. I know that sometimes it is in my mind and that most of the foods I don't like are healthy for me. I would like to buy more fruits and vegetables and try new ways of cooking them. Ideas? Recipes?

6. Cook dinner for friends/family at least three times. Bonus points for at least one new dish.
I love having company for dinner. I also love that it motivates me to get more creative in the kitchen or to at least spend more time in there. Brad and I have had some delicious meals with friends. So, let's do that more. I'll try out some new dishes, including fruits/veggies, and we'll see how it goes. Another bonus is that we tend to clean more when we have company coming over, so there's that.

7. Move more.
Brad and I want to take more walks and hikes. I'd also love to get bicycles and bike to places around town. For instance, our church is about 2, 2.5 miles away and biking would get us there a little faster on Sunday mornings. I don't like exercising unless it is fun. Running is not fun to me. Zumba is fun. Hiking is fun. What do you do to stay healthy?

8. Win the lottery.
Brad wanted this on the list. I support this.

9. Create and complete summer reading list.
Elizabeth's list looks fantastic and I need something for by the pool. I read the Fifty Shades trilogy in order to participate in a book club with my sister-in-law. The trilogy made for quick reads, where little thinking was involved. Now and then, that's what you need. Have you read anything good recently? What do you recommend?

10. Create a date night jar. Use it.
I would love to have a jar with various date night ideas that we use. I like the idea of color-coding popsicle sticks to coordinate with price range. Pinterest has lots of great ideas for the jar and ideas for date nights, so hopefully, this is something we'll get on pretty soon.

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WhitMc said...

I found your blog through E's link up, I love how you did a joint list! That is a great idea.

I did a summer book list + book review post that may give you book ideas.