Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Brad Married Me

Today's post was written by my pretty amazing husband. I've hinted a few times that it would be nice to have a post from him and he finally obliged.  Read on for some serious sweetness...

Why I married Melanie.

Right after we said, "I do."

Melanie had asked me a few times before about writing in our blog and since my name is in the website address,  I would assume it is required. This can be thought of as an almost comedic blog post but I am serious about my reasons why I married Melanie.

I married Melanie for 3 reasons; her Appearance, Personality, and Intelligence. Those are probably the very basic of characteristics that everybody looks for when looking for a soul mate but it is all true.

Melanie has a small body frame and, from the first pictures I had seen of her (before we met), a short pixie-type haircut.  I was attracted to how she held herself--tall and cute. Besides, seeing photographs of cute actresses such as Emma Watson and Michelle Williams with short pixie haircuts, she fit the haircut right.  She has two simple tattoos on her feet of Picasso's sketch of an Owl and, though I do not appreciate it as often, she also has a larger slightly crooked tattoo on her lower back of a Celtic Knot as a nod to her ancestry, I'm sure. [Ed. Note--He swears my tattoo is slightly off-center. I have never noticed this.] Though I do not have any tattoos of my own, I like to see this type of art that tells a great deal about the person wearing it.

In part summary, Melanie is very cute with her skinny body and short haircut. I am attracted to her look and, assuming she would never wash away her permanent tattoos, I will remain with her.

Melanie is very good at getting along with me and is a great counterbalance. She is sociable while I am a shy individual. When I first met her, she was more outgoing and talkative with me, forcing me to talk more and become more comfortable.  She laughs at my jokes, and knows when to give me a short break if I go overboard on my sarcasm.  I knew my parents would love her.  She didn't have a dark or troublesome past and she had a niche for being crafty. Crocheting doesn't float my boat, but then again installing the newest computer distro of a Linux Operating System probably isn't her idea of a great weeknight activity. In the same way, she could be less picky in her eating habits, but I would assume she would say I need to not worry about how much is spent on a dinner date.  Understanding a person is crucial to everything and the sides of a relationship can be looked at like puzzles pieces that fit together.

In part summary, Melanie appreciate my good qualities and doesn't drag down on my bad, yet improving, characteristics.  She helps everybody out. I assume this is partly why she studied psychology and loves to work with teenagers and young children.

Yay for goofy photobooth kisses.

Speaking of studies, Melanie is intelligent. She apparently has completed two programs in graduate school at a university for a Masters and Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology. {Ed. Note--"apparently?" I have the student loan debt and diplomas to show it. :)] Even though 7 years studying in higher education comes back in the form of her student loans, it has benefits for myself.  Bragging to friends that my wife didn't want to study the extra year for a doctorate because writing a thesis bored her is great, but having free counseling for my first-world mental problems pays for itself after our first visit.  Melanie is a bread-winner.  I am going great in my career, but, at her rate, it would be hard for me to catch up.

In part summary, Melanie is a genius. Maybe not so much on the proper uses of a credit card in a clothing store but she excels at having the smarts to be a great helpful friend to all.

In all other words, I married Melanie because she came into my life quickly and makes me very happy.  I had dated a few other women to find a best friend and I found that very soon with Melanie after meeting her. Seemed like a no-brainer that I would agree to spend the rest of my life with a smart, respectful, and beautiful woman. "Where do I sign?"

Beer and mac & cheese while on honeymoon.
Thanks, San Francisco, for the extra five pounds.

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