Monday, May 7, 2012

What the Psychic Told Me

I went to the flea market with my mom and sister this weekend. We walked around for hours and found all kinds of treasures, including a psychic.  

I plunked down $10 for a 10-minute reading and my sister coached me to not give anything away.  There were two psychics--sisters--and one held my wedding band and one held my engagement band throughout the reading.  At first, they kept it general and informed me that a male in my life with a 'J' name appeared to be turning a new page, but I was drowning while waiting for them. The sisters told me to stop waiting. 'J' would get there, but I couldn't immerse myself in it any longer waiting for him to get it together. (This has some meaning, but I won't get into it right now.)

Next, I got to ask a question and draw three cards. I asked, very generally, about babies.  Seriously--I asked, "Can we talk about babies?" Sister 2 asked if I was pregnant and was relieved to hear me say no. She indicated that a friend asked for a reading to tell the sex of her baby shortly after she found out she was pregnant, but Sister 2 couldn't see a baby. The friend miscarried soon after.  Anyway, Sister 1 asked her if she could tell what I would have first, if indeed babies were in my future.  They both agreed that they felt babies were in the cards for me and Sister 2 said it kept flipping between boy and girl. She settled on indicating that I would have a boy first, but I would have at least one of each. She was also concerned that the quick flipping meant that I would have twins or triplets. The cards I drew were Resistance, Challenge, and Fertility. Sister 1 felt that I wouldn't have babies right away due to the resistance and challenge and Sister 2 backed her up, indicating that she saw me pregnant next year. They said that with the fertility card on me that I was OK, but my husband may need to get checked. Difficulties in getting pregnant may be linked to his swimmers was the take-home message. 

I was allowed two questions and for the second one I just asked for a general next 12 months reading. I drew three more cards.  I don't remember what these three cards were, but the sisters agreed that my husband was stressed. They said that the stress he was under, most likely due to career changes, could be affecting our pregnancy attempts. They advised that he take a chill pill because everything would turn out OK for us. They felt nothing bad surrounding us, just some stress on my husband's part.

I thought the reading was pretty interesting and parts of it rang very true.  I wanted to capture it here so that we can visit it again later and see how much of it rings true in a year.  Have you ever had your cards or palm read?  Did any of it ring true for you?

This was not my psychic.

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