Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Do, Now What?

When Brad and I were married, we received a copy of Bill and Giuliana Rancic's book, I Do, Now What?. We read to each other on the plane to and from our honeymoon and then largely ignored the book. I picked it up again two nights ago to finish reading and it is a charming book. Let me be clear--I do not live my life like the Rancic's do, but I do admire the respect and love they show toward each other. I'm also ridiculously excited about their baby news.

There are plenty of lessons in the book that need to be adapted to fit your relationship (duh.). For example, chapter 11 ("The Power of the 'F' Word") talks about injecting fun back into your relationship.  Bill and Giuliana enjoy taking random road trips or planning surprise trips to Greece.  Uhh...Brad and I aren't in a position to do that.  I could surprise him with Chinese take-out one night, but that's about it.

Chapter 12 ("Hogs and Hiking Vests") discusses the importance of taking an interest in your partner's interests, but not forcing it. Forcing it could lead to resentment and that could lead to you bonking your partner upside the head with a 9-iron when he takes you golfing for the fourteenth time.  So, if you don't like golfing, don't go. Brad enjoys hiking, though, and I hadn't done that in a number of years. He bought me hiking boots for Christmas, though, and we went hiking.  We don't do it nearly as much as either of us would like, but that just lets us know that we need to plan these things better. I'm sure Brad appreciates the confirmation that if he really doesn't like bowling, he shouldn't go with me. Maybe that will be my time to myself and I'll join a Fall league later this year.  Who knows? 

The book gets us talking more and more meaningfully. Brad just started a new job and we finally talked about it last night, as well as some other issues that had come up as a result of being a (temporarily) one-income family. It's always nice to clear the air and if Bill and Giuliana Rancic help us do that, well, bully for them. 

Seriously, though--the book is hilarious. Go check it out.

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