Monday, April 25, 2011


These necklaces are from this amazing collection and you need to go view them all immediately. The above six are my favorites from the collection, but I need those who have seen my dress to give me their opinions. I think I am really leaning toward bottom left and top right. Swoon-worthy is what they are.

I just asked Brad which one he preferred and he picked the top right necklace. First of all, it's a miracle that he picked anything at all. Secondly, he and I agree on something jewelry related? Good Lord, it is a day after Easter miracle!!

On Good Friday, Brad and I joined my Aunt Mar Mae and Uncle Tony at Olive Garden for some delicious food, wine, and dessert. We also talked about weddings and babies (my cousin Nathan and his wife Meagan have a beautiful little boy). It was so good to catch up and we ended up spending two hours there. They also graciously agreed to be a gathering place for the McBrooms and Coopers for the evening after the wedding. I'm getting so excited about the wedding and I keep dreaming about getting to wear my dress and say, "I do," to Brad. Only 144 days to go!

Other than drinking wine and talking about what we've already got booked, I haven't really been planning much as of late and I don't know why. I did call the hotel today to set up a block of rooms, but they sent me to someone's answering machine. Brad and I have been thinking about invitations and we'll be meeting with Aaron on Wednesday. I continue to take pictures of flowers and dream about which one's I'll end up with. Also, I have taken up a cross stitch. As I get more into it, I'll share a picture, but I think it looks pretty amazing already.

I do need to continue plodding on with planning, so let's hear some motivational cheers for me.



Anonymous said...

Cheers! Don't get 'senioritis' over your wedding, now!
Funny, I knew you liked the bottom left, but the top right caught my eye.

Lisa CR said...

Striking choices! Top right makes more of a distinct color statement. Bottom left is all about the feather. Kind of makes me think of the location.....