Sunday, April 3, 2011


Brad and I are beginning to think about wedding invitations this weekend. We want to get Aaron started on them pretty quickly so we have plenty of time to proof them, print them, address them, and deal with the post office...again. Ugh. I'm dreading that part. I'm just going to say it now--if you get an invite from me that looks like a lion chewed on it, please know that I apologize. Also, the invitations will have envelopes, so we're already upping our chances that you'll be able to read the information we're sending out.

Here are some pictures since I doubt my verbal prowess is what is keeping you here. :)

Also on the to-do list is:
1. schedule tasting
2. do some DIY stuff
3. book florist
4. book hair/makeup
5. get hair/makeup test?
6. Lord only knows what else...

I've been on Spring Break for the past week (yeah, working in the schools) and now I'm restless. Please don't misunderstand, I've quite enjoyed my time off, but I need a little more structure to my day. I know we'll get through this week and I'll be praying for summer, but I'll be OK. I just probably need to get off this couch and do something today.


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