Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bad Day?

Get a mani/pedi!

My Monday started out kind of blah. I had spent the weekend without my sunglasses (couldn't find them) and without my wedding rings (at the jeweler's for re-dipping and cleaning). I had spent Sunday with a hangover and wasn't quite as productive as I wanted to be. But, Monday didn't stay blah for long.

When I got to work I discovered that my sunglasses were in my desk drawer the whole time. Wonderful! Then, around 10am, I received a text that my rings were ready to be picked up. Double Wonderful! Finally, I remembered that I had a mani/pedi appointment with my sister-in-law that evening to celebrate her recent birthday.

I scooted home from work to pick up my rings and meet Jen for our appointment. We picked up some peanut-butter-cookie-dough milkshakes and headed to the salon. I loved that they had the OPI Germany colors in and I selected "Every Month is Oktoberfest."
Check out OPI's website for the whole collection.

Our toes underwent all the greatness of a typical spa pedicure, plus a mud mask, paraffin dip, and special apple-cinnamon scented lotion. Our nails had the traditional awesome manicure features, plus a paraffin dip and special apple-cinnamon scented lotion. It was 2.25 hours of awesome and I think fondly of our time together.  :)
Not a great picture, but I was so happy about the polished nails and the shiny ring.

I just have to schedule my Groupon massage from Brad and I'll be all pampered and happy. What have you treated yourself to lately?

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