Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Wore to School

Elizabeth of E Tells Tales has been posting her week of outfits and what she and her kiddos did that week in school and I love the idea.  I don't teach, so I don't think you'll really be interested in what I did this past week, but I'd like to post some of what I wore. Elizabeth talked about how it would force her to get creative and not just stick to her favorites and that struck home with me. I want to be more creative with my outfits and maybe take a few more risks. With that said, here's what I wore to school last week:

Ankle Zip Leggings
Blue Boyfriend Shirt (similar here) (the original came from Gap)
Herringbone Loafers (similar here) (the original came from Gap)
ID badge

Necklace (similar here) (the original came from J. Crew factory)

Skirt (the original came from Gap)
Necklace (handmade by student)

Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans (similar here) (the original came from Gap)
Spirit Shirt
ID badge

There it is. I loved my outfit on Thursday and it's easy to see how exhausted I was by Friday. What did you wear? What would you love to see me wear?

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Lauren said...

You are now my clothing hero. ADORABLE. I love all of the outfits and always see dress and skirts like the blue and pink and want to wear them but then think... nooo... not on ME. Rock on lady.