Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping with Brad

Brad and I went shopping today at the Kenwood Mall. I may have picked up a little ipod shuffle at the Apple store for myself (thanks, John, for the gift card), but then it was on to serious shopping. Brad made the mistake of mentioning that he had been thinking about going to search for a wedding band for himself again and I ran with it. :)

We had been shopping for his band before with not great results. First of all, Brad has rarely worn any jewelry. He wore his class ring in high school, but has since lost that ring. So when we went to try on rings previously, he was a little wary of it all. He wanted a ring that was more matte than shiny and not very wide. The jewelers would hand Brad a ring to try and he would let it sit in his hand before hesitantly trying it one for no more than 15 seconds. He would then hand the ring back to the jeweler before accepting another to try. I thought it was hysterical and Brad thought it was exhausting. So we never found a ring for him.

Now I know we have plenty of time before the wedding, but I was more than happy to go shopping with him so he could: a) get used to the idea of wearing a ring for the rest of his life and b) find one he can stand to wear. So, we wandered around Kenwood and he tried on the Triton rings because that’s apparently the only manufacturer of the tungsten rings that appealed to him. Anyway, we found a great deal on a band at Hannoush Jewelers and left the store to go talk about it. Well, five minutes later we walked back in and ordered his ring. I’m pretty happy to have crossed that off the list of “to-dos”, but not pleased about all of this spending money business that goes along with getting married. And, even though his ring cost about 6.3% of what my ring cost, he was pretty excited that I purchased it for him. It may have been his favorite part of the day. :)

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