Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Dress for Every Girl

This weekend I headed up to Pittsburgh to hang out with my best friend and MOH, Kerry Kriss. She is getting married August 20 and Brad and I are getting married September 16. Kerry and I have been friends since second grade and love that we're getting married within a month of each other.

Anyway, I went up this weekend to get sized for and purchase my dress for her wedding. We also tried on some dresses to see if I could make a decision on bridesmaids dresses. I've looked at so many, and I was no closer to a decision. I wanted to just pick the color and length and have each girl pick her own, but it became clear that too many options would be the death of all of us. So Kerry and I headed over to David's Bridal.

We walked in and told an associate that we just needed to check out bridesmaids dresses and she handed us a catalog and promised to check in with us in a bit. We pulled four dresses and headed into two rooms (apparently the rooms of two different associates). We were checking out the dresses next to each other when one associate asked us who we were working with because I was in her room. We offered to move, but she said we were fine. A dress change later, another associate told Kerry she was in her room. Again, we offered to move and was told we were fine. When I was getting dressed in my clothes again, the first associate walked in on me! She apologized, but Kerry and I were so sick of dealing with the associates. We offered to move and were told that we were OK there, when clearly they didn't really think that. Ugh!

Anyway, we narrowed it down to three options and I'll be taking the other girls soon to try on the choices and get their picks. The dresses will be navy blue and the sash would be gray. Oh, you want pictures? OK.

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