Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Checks

So far, Brad and I have booked our venue, reserved the officiant, and I’ve purchased a dress. Well, I’ve purchased two dresses, but we’ll get to that.

Brad and I will be married Friday, September 16, 2011 at the Krippendorf Lodge in Milford, Ohio. You can view the property at the following website, but it’s pretty short on photos and information. I’m very excited that Brad and I will be married outdoors underneath a big tree. Mark Caldwell-Reis from First Christian Church in Fort Thomas, Kentucky will be our officiant.

My best friend, and maid-of-honor, Kerry came to visit this weekend to go dress shopping with my mom, my sister (a bridesmaid), and myself. Our first stop was Bridal & Formal in the Reading Bridal District. Tracie was amazing and let us be silly while trying on the dresses. She ensured that I was staying within my budget (under $800) and wasn’t rationalizing bad dresses. There was one that I loved, and we left it downstairs while we explored their 40th anniversary sale upstairs. They had $40 and $70 dresses! Everyone pulled dresses for me and we had even more fun! I found another dress that I loved (completely different than the one I had downstairs) and I couldn’t make up my mind. I was wearing a $1250 dress that was on sale for that day only at a price of $40. We decided that for $40, I could afford to buy it and continue shopping around. I could always sell that dress and recoup my costs.

On Sunday, we continued our shopping expedition at David’s Bridal in Kenwood. Katie was our consultant and she was just adorable. The plan was for me to pick one dress so we could make sure we had the correct size and then pull other dresses I was interested in. I picked one that I loved in the catalog and we put it on. It was gorgeous—instant love. We went on to try on many more beautiful dresses and it came down to dress number 1 and another dress that I could have a colored sash with. When it came down to it, I couldn’t imagine myself in any other dress than dress number 1. I felt like myself and I felt like a beautiful bride. Katie found a veil (my sister then found a better one), a sparkly headband, and a bouquet and I walked around while all kinds of people fawned over me. I’m not gonna lie—that was pretty nice. I was given the OK to hang out in the dress while my girls tried on bridesmaids dresses and Mom tried on a few MOB dresses. At the end of the day, the only dress we purchased was mine and I couldn’t be happier. However, I now have two wedding dresses in my home and Brad might get curious. I need to find somewhere else to keep them until September. Anyone have a closet they’re not using?


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