Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awkward Cake Tasting

I guess I thought that when we booked a cake tasting it would go something like this...

Baker presents cakes and talks about the different flavors, options, frostings. Bride and groom are asked which cake looks they prefer, how many people, what flavor is yummy. Baker then works with them on initial design so accurate idea of cake and cost is given.

Brad and I had our first cake tasting last night and it did not go like that at all. We were given yummy cake to try. Chocolate-raspberry, yellow with strawberry filling, and marble. She brought out the carrot a few minutes after the initial three because I had specifically asked about that flavor when booking the tasting.
(Photo credit: Brad or Me with the iPhone. Also, Blogger hates me and will not orient this picture correctly.)

We were left alone for most of the time, not really knowing what to discuss. The baker finally returned and asked us which ones we liked and if we had a cake style in mind. I told her that I liked the look of buttercream, as seen on a picture in a cake lookbook we were given to peruse. She said that the outside would be made of the icing on our sample cakes, but gave no hints as to what that was or how we could get the look of buttercream that we expressed interest in. She brought Brad a take-home box for the remaining bits of cake and gave me a price list. That was it.

I guess we should have asked more questions, but she didn't seem very outgoing or interested in answering questions. Also, we don't really know what questions to ask. Ideas?

On our way home, I was feeling pretty yuck about the whole thing and wondering if this was going to be as ridiculous a process as finding the venue. We checked mail and headed upstairs and that is when my mood began to lift.

This beauty was just waiting for me and knew I would need to be re-energized when it came to cakes. Thank you, Martha. I haven't made it through the entire issue yet (I like to savor the first time through), but I am already feeling like we can find a cake at a suitable price. We will get better about figuring out which questions to ask and we will get to eat more free cake. Also, Brad and I are laughing about the awkward cake tasting, which helps a lot.


P.S. In case you're not already counting down, we are at 199 days until the wedding. Get stoked.

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