Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wishful thinking

So, my dear readers, Brad has booked our honeymoon flight and hotel. We'll be in San Francisco, CA for 5 nights and I'm very excited. We won't fly out until Sunday morning, giving us Saturday to hang out with family from all sides and make sure our bags are packed. Speaking of packing, here's a small list of essentials I want to have with me.

Let's go ahead and number the items 1-6 (going clockwise, please, and starting at the top left corner).
1. Dillen Satchel in Brown $235.00
2.Zip Sweater $34.99 (clearance--I better get on that)
3.Yellow jacket from the Gap. I purchased this item two years ago and love it to death.
4.Between the Lines in Blue $58 for the cami, $28 for the bottom
5. Toms Classics in Navy $44
6. Forever Skinny jeans from the Gap. I purchased these last year and wish I had bought more.

Weather in San Francisco tends to be of the varying kind. September should be rain free, but I've been advised to wear comfy shoes, jeans, and to layer on top. I'm sure I'll be adding a cardigan or two to my wishlist, as well as a fantastic dress. Ideas?


P.S. All images from store websites or a google search of the item.

P.P.S. No link to the items I already own as they are no longer for sale. The images were obtained from a google search, though I have style numbers if anyone is interested in hunting an item down.


Meranda.Ignatius said...

Oh I smell some great hints for some presents for this lady :)

melanieandbrad said...

Meranda, you are too sweet! Have you thought about any must-haves for your honeymoon in Vegas?