Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cake, Etsy, & Flowers, too!

Hello, out there! My job has kept me pretty busy as of late, so I apologize that I haven't been posting more frequently. Next week is Spring Break and I'm hoping to recharge and relax and plan some wedding stuff!

Brad and I went to the BonBonerie on March 8 and ate so much delicious cake and had a wonderful time! Well, I had a wonderful time. Brad figured out that wedding cakes cost money and was displeased at the prospect. :) Our consultant welcomed us and offered any drink we could see. I chose a Crush because, well, that sounded yummy. We were shown the available list of cake flavors and invited to choose five for tasting. While we were tasting, she discussed different ideas of how the cake could look and paid special attention for my request of a non-table-scratching cake stand. She recommended that we keep the cake strictly on the silver platter and decorate with flowers in order to protect the table the cake will sit on.

When we were preparing to leave, she took the time to put our leftovers in a box along with a sixth cake flavor and two cupcakes. She made sure that we had--in writing--the prices of each option we were considering. Such a switch from the last cake tasting! After munching on cake for the next three days, Brad and I decided to go with the BonBonerie and paid a deposit.

Another great thing that happened recently is that I made my first etsy purchase! That site is amazing and I've bookmarked so many things that I love. I might be dangerous... Anyway, here is a picture of our personalized silverware that I am beyond excited about. Anyone who knows me knows that every piece of silverware I own has been acquired from some restaurant. Every piece. It seems fitting then to have strange silverware at the wedding.

Finally, I have started looking at flowers. I've gotten quotes and ideas from two florists and I think I know what I want the bouquets to look like. I just need to find the best price now so I can tell Brad that we kept at least one thing within budget. I want the bouquet to be tied, so it'll be a round shape with lots of texture, height, and color. I'm pretty stoked about this, but I want to remind everyone with allergies that this will be an outdoor shingdig. Please, take your allergy meds.

Please feel free to comment if you have ideas of flowers that may look wonderful in this bouquet and/or recommend a florist to me!


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