Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a tree!!

Or at least the beginnings of a tree.

Remember when I said that Mom and I went to Michael's and invested in some DIY supplies?  Well, we bought a wonderful book (pictured to the right) and supplies.  Isn't this book hilarious?

I've actually taken to it quite well.  The last time I tried cross stitching, I was maybe 12 years old.  My mom had me stitching a couple of bunnies and a heart on to a tea towel.  I think I made it through one bunny and a heart  before I lost interest.  My future father-in-law has already offered use of a brown marker to finish the trees and my mom says she is waiting for the August day when I dump the unfinished product in her lap.  I, however, have faith that I will finish this.

I guess I should tell you why I'm making this, huh?  I don't see the sense in buying or making a ring bearer pillow that will have one sole use and will simply collect dust after September 16th.  So, I am making this cross stitch and will attach the rings to it.  Our little ring bearer will carry the cross stitch (I'll make the edges stay beautifully behind the hoop and image.) and after the wedding, Brad and I will hang it on the wall with our guest book tree.  Instant decoration! Made with love!

Below are images of what the image will look like finished (I've changed the bird colors) and the pattern with my progress.  I need to stop typing now and continue working on it. Wish me luck!


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Lisa Caldwell-Reiss said...

Love it! I love it! What a great idea and you're really moving along on it! I can't wait to see it when it's finished.