Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In Which I Procrastinate

School is out next Friday and I'm ready for a break. I say this and laugh, though, for this summer I will continue working at the pharmacy in attempt to pay for the wedding. Also, I will be flitting off to Atlanta for a reception and will be back and forth to Pittsburgh a few times for my dear friend's wedding and festivities. I will be very busy, so I don't know why I think of this summer as a "break". Oh, well. Next summer, maybe.

I have a few more things to finish up before school lets out (hence the title) and I'll probably buckle down and have a very productive afternoon today. (See, Mom? I work. Promise.)

I completed a super secret project this weekend and should be blogging about it tomorrow or Thursday, so please sit tight.

On Friday, Brad and I had a date night that was so fun and almost didn't happen. My dad had dental surgery and I sat with him all day making sure he had fresh gauze, on-time doses of Vicodin, and soft foods in the fridge. So, by the time I felt OK leaving him it was 7:30 PM. But, Brad waited to have dinner with me and I love him for that. We just ran out to KFC/Long John Silver's so it wasn't healthy at all, but it was food and I was starving. Then we headed over to a benefit at Powerhouse Factories where we listened to a performance from Bad Veins, bought a benefit t-shirt, and bought some amazing posters. I'm thinking of enlisting Emily (of Go, haus, go!) to help me redo the living room to include the posters and look amazing, while costing me next to nothing. Again, I'll keep you updated.

[tangent] Brad and I are in no shape to buy a house for a few years, so I want to make our apartment amazing. I have some ideas for the bedroom (money will flow at Ikea), so that will need to wait a little bit. I want to make our living room a little more grown-up (or at least put together). I am growing tired of the hodge-podge of hand-me-downs we have in our apartment. (I love that we have hand-me-downs and I appreciate them; I just want some things that are strictly Brad and Melanie now.)[end tangent]

To bring an end to this, Brad and I enjoyed the benefit, the free wine and beer, and the chance to go out and enjoy a night with each other. In my opinion, it doesn't happen nearly enough. :)


Oh, right. A picture. Here is one of my offices. They are beginning to clean carpet in the Media Center (I'm down the Fiction Aisle.) and all those tables are blocking my way out. Fire Hazard? I think so.

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