Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Night of Free Food and Good Friends

Last Wednesday, Brad and I headed up to Elegant Fare for our free food tasting. Now, calling this a night of free food is most certainly a stretch, as we will be paying for a LOT of food for the wedding. However, let me have this, people. Weddings are dang expensive and there's not nearly enough free perks.

Julie, from Elegant Fare, had emailed a menu to us earlier in the week. We had five entrees to choose from. Let me say that again--five entrees to choose from. Amazing! We started with a salad (and there will be bread at the wedding) and moved on to lemon herb chicken and chicken with terragon sauce. Next was roast beef with gravy. After that came two pork choices--pork loin with barbaque sauce and pork loin with port mustard sauce. Everything was so delicious, including the green bean and carrot sautee. (If you know me, you know what it takes for me to say that.) Now, the dish that may rival the cake for tastiest morsel of the evening goes to the herbed potatoes. Julie wanted to hash out a few wedding details and I let her since I still had a bowl of potatoes to munch on. :)

I'm not going to tell you all the final menu, but rest assured that it will be scrumptious and Brad and I agreed on it. That's enough for us.

After stuffing ourselves with yummy treats, we headed over to Emily and Aaron's to go over ideas for invitations.  Aaron designed something so wonderful that I want to show you right now.  I actually tried to crop part of it for a teaser, but I don't want to tease you.  I want it to show up in your mailbox and have you get super stoked for our day (only 122 days away now).  I promise that shortly after we mail them, I will do a reveal on here.  Hang tight--they're worth the wait.


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