Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday To-Do

Last night was glorious.  I convinced Brad that we should pick up some Chipotle and watch a movie at home.  We bought The Fighter, and ate way too much food.  I did some embossing (details on this project soon) and chatted with my dad for almost an hour.  I fell into bed exhausted, but feeling relaxed and productive.  It's a good feeling.

Below is my current to-do list.  There's not a lot on it related to my wedding, or weddings in general, and I like that.  I have this fear that I've become an insanely boring person since I seem to have developed the ability to relate any conversation back to the wedding.  Try me.  I'll do it.  Anyway, wish me luck (or suggest desserts) and I'll keep you posted.

1. Come up with fantastic dessert idea for dinner tonight with friends from church.
2. Make birthday card for dear friend, father, and niece. Also, graduation card.
3. Buy oreos and milk for 70 people. (Thoughts on quantity needed here?)
4. Type report for school.
5. Print and assemble invitations.
6. Prepare for day of crafting tomorrow at dentist office.
7. Write a letter to my grandma.

Also, I think that all posts should include a photo, so here is my niece in an adorable dress that she proclaimed would be perfect for the wedding. I love her.
Don't you just want to eat her up?


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