Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3 and 4

November 3
I am super thankful for lunch meetings.  I got to touch base with the other school psych that I work with (we're at two different high schools) and talk about what's going on and do some problem solving.  Also, we caught up with each other and enjoyed some delicious food.

(I'm also doing a 10 by Christmas weight-loss challenge and I just wanted to give thanks that even after devouring almost all of my Chipotle lunch I'm still down from last week.  Not by much, but still down.)

Why do the delicious foods have to be so bad for you?
November 4
I'm thankful to have Brad as my husband.  I know that he's going to be there no matter what's going on and he's going to support me.  We've been talking about our future and babies and my doctor wants to send me to see a high-risk pregnancy specialist.  I've had some abnormal paps and had a LEEP procedure shortly after turning 22.  I also have been diagnosed with Protein S deficiency, which has been explained to me that I'm a higher risk for throwing clots.  I'm just a little nervous about what will happen when we do move forward with having babes, but I love that Brad is right there with me.  He keeps telling me that we'll be fine and throwing out suggestions for who could help me with daily shots that my Dr. is suggesting.  He's an excellent partner through the heavy stuff and the light stuff.

I'm also just thankful for the time I get with him.  Our time here isn't guaranteed, it doesn't care what's "fair," and it doesn't play by the rules.  I heard today that a woman lost her battle with cancer last night.  She was 31.  She left behind her husband of two years and a one-year-old little girl.  She was diagnosed with cancer only six months ago.  I never met her, but I feel like I have known her forever from the photographs and stories her sister shares.  I am so sad for their loss and am sending prayers their way.

Hold your loved ones a little longer during your hugs today and be thankful that they're available for hugs.

Read more about Ali here and here.
Rocking the benefit shirt for Ali today.
The shirt represents love for Ali radiating from our hearts.


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