Monday, November 21, 2011

Days 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21

November 16
Today I'm thankful for my psychologist counterparts in my district.  They help keep me sane while we are in the beginning stages of our careers and trying to move our district forward.  It is nice to have a couple of someones to talk through problems and ideas with.

November 17
Today I'm thankful for all my other coworkers.  One of the secretaries and I get along famously and she helped me find a bag of potato chips today.  I know that sounds laughable, but my day was the worst, I had a huge headache, and it was close to 1 o'clock with no lunch in sight.  She found me some potato chips, sent me to my office, and promised me m&ms if needed.  She's kind of amazing.

November 18
Today I'm thankful for girlfriends.  One of my friends is getting married soon and had her bachelorette party tonight.  So much fun to help her celebrate and catch up with other friends I don't get to see a lot.

November 19
I'm thankful that I have to income to visit crafting stores today.  I had brunch with some friends and then hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  So much cute stuff and such great company.  Now to set aside the time to actually craft...

November 20
I'm thankful for my brother.  He came over tonight to score some free dinner and help Brad and I assemble our new couch.  Then, he bought us a drink at one of his favorite bars.  I had a rough Saturday night/Sunday morning and this was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend.

November 21
I'm thankful today for rain boots.  There was torrential rain this morning that will apparently continue on through the day and I'm so thankful that my feet are dry and warm.

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