Friday, December 16, 2011

Feelin' the Spirit

Today I thought I'd share some horrible iPhone pictures that I took this morning of our Christmas tree.  I have our tree on a timer so that it lights up for about an hour in the morning (conveniently, at the same time that I awake) and turns on again in the evening when I return home. This makes it feel like the tree is always on without the added fire risk.  Been there, house burned straight down.

This morning, I was feeling particularly joyful and so I wanted to capture that.  However, the photographs I take in my mind and those that I take with my phone are very, very different. 

The tree.  No flash and no lights except for those on the tree. 

Here we have some flash and some wrapped gifts.
Our tree is only a 4-footer that we set on a table and I like it. 
I'm sure we'll get a bigger tree when we have a house and/or kids,
but for now this tree fits us.

My duck nativity.  Don't hate.

I just learned of the Santa Key this year and had to get one. 
I'll hang it on the front door a few days before Christmas
so Santa can come on in.

This darling angel was crafted by my husband in 1992 at a Boy Scout event.

Do you have any pictures of your tree (good or bad)?
Also, see our first-ever photo Christmas card next week!

Enjoy your weekend!

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