Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I love...lamp.

I finally spray painted my $2.50 lamp this weekend!  It was a hilarious process and the laundry room of my apartment building may or may not have an orange stripe along one wall.  (Hey, it was cold outside.)

I primed the lamp with Rustoleum primer after roughing it up with some very fine steel wool.  My primer was a red primer, so my Krylon Orange Pumpkin paint was showing up a little darker than I originally wanted.  I had some Valspar white on hand and gave that a quick layer and it brightened right up!  Overall, I probably have 20,000 coats on this lamp (or 7-8 if you value closer estimates).  In the end, I'd say it was well worth it and I love that we now have a lamp on the other side of the living room and that we have a lamp that is connected to the wall switch. 

Ooh--the curtain rod is up, too!  I need to paint and hem the curtains and then you can see that piece.  Also, I need to go to Ikea and pick up some frames.  Anyone local wanna go?

The orignal $2.50 lamp.

Primed and ready to go.
The green Frogger tape is definitely the way to go!

Beautiful lamp on the cluttered table.

Detail shot, though the color looks a bit off.

Safety first!

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Justine said...

I would totally go to IKEA with you, but I don't think I'm local. Plus, I really need to stop splurging at IKEA, and lord knows I can't go in without buying something. Can't wait to see your curtains!