Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Weekend (and Monday)

This weekend was jam-packed full of crazy good times.  On Friday, we had a pre-birthday dinner for Brad at his parents' house.  We shot pumpkins (yeah, rifles!), ate tacos, and made cookies with his parents and his sister's family.  Sorry, no pictures of that on my phone.  I'll find one, though.

On Saturday I met my mom and sister to take the nieces out to lunch and then to see trains.  Traffic was a mess because of bridge construction and I had to take the ferry.  At the train exhibit, we looked at trains, looked at plants, and colored pictures.  Then we took the ferry back home. 

It's not really majestic.

Trains! Sunflares! Woot!

My sister and I both like this photo.  That rarely happens.

I included my age so the other kids wouldn't get too hurt that
my picture was way cooler than their pictures.

My mom and I.

My sister and her girls.

After dropping the girls off at their house, I picked up Brad and headed to my dad's house.  We met my brother there and enjoyed a yummy dinner and movie night.  My dad lives by himself and we joke a lot about the amount of expired food that he must keep on his shelves.  Well, he asked me to make brownies after dinner and I did, even though the box read "25SEP2010."  Dad laughed and said that the batter smelled just fine.  We took a picture to document that we were all alive and well 60-90 minutes after consuming them and I'm thankful to say that we're all still OK today.

So good.  So scary.

 Sunday began the great cookie-baking day.  My sister and I met at Mom's with our stand mixers and had dueling mixers for optimal baking efficiency.  Please cue Deliverance music.  Of course, the girls also wanted pictures with Aunt Melanie and I am just narcissistic enough to oblige them.

 We had to include Tigger, too.

My snuggle-bug gives the sweetest kisses.

Yesterday, my darling husband turned 28.  He's old.  For his birthday, he really wanted us to clean up the house and eat Asian Chicken Helper.  I'm happy to report that I fulfilled those wishes for him. He's an odd-bird, but he's mine.
Picture from our honeymoon.
I guess I still owe a recap/pictures from that, don't I?

At the pub after the wedding.

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