Monday, October 10, 2011

Instagram Weekend

On Friday, my mom and I went to Woolfest, where we ate fair food, pet goats and cows, and investigated all the crafts.  There were a ton of craft booths and around half of them were even handmade crafts!
 Goats blink when you use flash.

Saturday found Brad and me preparing for a family birthday party.  My brother and I both had birthdays this past week and we enjoyed some delicious finger foods and cookie cake with ice cream.  After that was a game of Cranium, where I found out that Brad and I need to practice charades.  We came in last.  

I spent some quality time with my mixer this weekend.

Yummy cookie cake.

Amazing plates from Target.

Sunday was a birthday party for Brad's niece and a bonfire for my friend, Beth.  Beth has spent the past couple of years in Ghana with the Peace Corps and she goes back next week, so we had s'mores.  :)  No pictures from that on my phone, but Beth took a good one of us and I'll share that when I've got it.

Pretty Princess Piñata.

How was your weekend?

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