Thursday, October 20, 2011

When in Rome,

do as the Romans do.

And when you're a newlywed, do as newlyweds do.

Cut your hair.
(What did we do before mirror pictures? How did we survive?)

(Technically, after.  It is hard to photograph the hair as you're getting a haircut.)

(I cleaned the mirror directly after taking this picture.)

Isn't it fun?

I love having short hair. Absolutely love it.  I've recently added a few pictures of Emma Watson to my Pinterest and this is why.  I used the wedding as an excuse to grow out my hair.  I wanted fancier hair than I usually have and I wanted it up, which needs length.  Plus, I used to have long hair and I remember liking it. Now, though,  I was so sick of my hair.  It wanted to frizz out some at the bottom (beginnings of waves?) and so I'd not only dry it every morning, but I'd quickly run the straightener through it.  It seemed like it took forever and it seemed like an awful lot of work to do when I had boring hair afterwards.  Putting it up wasn't really a feasible option, either, because I never learned how to do my hair and now my frustration point is low.

So, bam, I cut my hair off and it takes me 5 minutes in the morning.  I can snuggle with Brad again because my hair isn't all up in his face driving him crazy. I can look forward to riding with the top off the Jeep or the windows down and not think about the knotted mess my hair would be. Of course, with winter, this dream may take a little time, but whatever.  Cute winter hats and all that.



Alana said...

Wow! I wish I had the guts to make a huge change like that. I would have so much more time too! But I'm hanging on to mine at least until after winter. :)

melanieandbrad said...

Thanks for the comment! I know there's more than a couple people wondering why I cut it off just as it is getting cold. I'm a little crazy, I guess. I'll have to start keeping tabs on your blog to see when you chop off your hair. :)

Also, I LOVE that you made Engagement Chicken. I have the recipe, but I never made it.